Bayer DCA2000+ Hemoglobin A1C Blood Analyzer


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Product Description

Used machine in perfect condition 


* Provides results from only 1 ul of whole blood

* Test results in minutes 

* Fast, simple, and easy-to-use

* Patient Ready 

The Bayer DCA 2000+ HbA1c analyzer provides results from 1 ul of whole blood in 6 minutes. This in-office analyzer is fast, simple, easy-to-use, and accurate. The unit allows healthcare professionals to make immediate diabetes management adjustments based on current diabetes test results. Within minutes quantitative test results for HbA1c and microalbumin / creatinine are available. 


* Easily calibrated using the bar code card provided with each reagent kit. 

* Stores calibrations for up two lots of reagent 

* Stores up to 16 test results 

* Stores up to 16 control results 

* Can be connected to a computer and/or printer.

* Fast, simple, easy-to-use, and accurate 

* Allows for immediate diabetes management adjustments 

* Quantitative test results for HbA1c in minutes 

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